Individual Counseling Services in Boise, ID

Offer of help for individuals who need counseling in Boise, ID

The therapists are Living Hope Clinic, generally, counsel children, teens, and seniors, but are experienced counseling all age groups requiring a wide variety of needs and services including:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
The key focus of this therapy is to seek self-awareness by looking at the past and examining how it effects present behavior.

Gestalt Therapy
The focus of this modality is finishing unfinished business and increasing self-awareness through creative role-play and role-reversal.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Therapists shed light on negative thinking and internal inaccuracies to help patients change their thinking and behavior patterns.

Rational Hypnotherapy
With the help of our trained therapists, patients can dive into a heightened state of focus, allowing them to explore their subconscious minds.

Through biofeedback, a patient is able to control the body with the mind. Biofeedback helps to control mental and physical issues like pain, anxiety, and depression.

Other Therapy Techniques
Other therapy techniques we use include play therapy, marital and family counseling, and Neuro-linguistic programming.

Living Hope Clinic also counsels individuals who suffer from addictions including drugs, alcohol, food, and sex.

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