Marriage Counseling in Boise and Eagle, ID

Many couples assume marriage counseling is only for couples who are in serious trouble and contemplating divorce. Of course, marriage counseling can help save marriages. But marriage counseling can also help you if you simply want to strengthen your marriage and solve issues in your relationship.

At Living Hope Counseling in Boise and Eagle, Idaho, Dr. Rice and his staff look forward to meeting with you and your spouse. We understand how difficult life can be, and we want to help both of you regain hope and joy.

Our Marriage Counseling Services

Resolving problems as a couple can be difficult, especially when tender feelings are involved. A marriage counselor acts as a mediator to help you and your spouse understand each other’s point of view.

Marital problems have many facets, including financial worries, mental illness, and guilt. They may also involve serious problems like physical abuse, substance abuse, and infidelity. We can help you and your spouse work through any issues that may plague you and help you learn strategies to improve your communication.

If you are Christian, you know how much your religion impacts your marital relationship. As a Christian clinic, we use Christian principles to help you strengthen your bond with your spouse.

We work with couples who were recently married as well as couples who have been married for 20 years or more. We also offer counseling to engaged couples hoping to set goals and resolve conflicts before they get married.

Our Boise and Eagle, Idaho Clinic

If you’re looking for couples’ therapy in Boise or Eagle, Idaho, look no further than Living Hope Clinic. We’ve served your area for 25 years. Our ability to accept Medicaid and Medicare helps us stand out.

And our licensed therapists attend continuing education courses to ensure they know how to best help their clients.

Make an investment in your marriage. Call us today at 208-378-1122 to set up an appointment.