Since Living Hope Clinic opened its doors in Boise, Idaho, in 1993, our therapeutic team has offered counseling for individuals, families and children.

Living Hope is a full service mental health clinic that has been providing excellence for over 20 years. Our attentive staff of licensed, experienced counselors are ready to help you through your most difficult times.

Our therapists, typically, work with all age groups, who have a wide variety of needs.

Among other conditions, we treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Major mental illness
  • Personality disorders

Living Hope Clinic is highly qualified, and experienced, to help patients suffering from the effects of sexual problems, abuse, and neglect. Our therapists employ a series of effective techniques to help you, or your loved ones, cope with emotional struggles and find the hope you need to heal.

We also offer telehealth treatment by Skype or FaceTime. This is especially helpful for the housebound, in rural areas or work out of town a lot.

Contact the staff at Living Hope Clinic to begin your healing today.